Hi! I’m a Python-focused Software Engineer driven by my passion for delivering results and helping teams work well together. I love taking on projects that are focused on the needs of the user and collaborating with team members to deliver wins that move us forward. I have written apps that orchestrate complex interactions between many systems, some internal and some external, and am experienced in helping engineering teams plan and manage their work.


Golden Fields Elementary - Computer Science and S.T.E.M. Teacher

August 2023 - Current

While putting my career in software on hold, my kids’ school posted an opening for a part time S.T.E.M. teacher. I felt like this was a great opportunity for me to continue to prioritize my kids and share my love of science, math and coding with other children in my community.

Self Employed, SLC UT — Stay at Home Mom

December 2022 - August 2023

I shifted my priorities and took time to stay home with my part-time kindergartner for the second half of the school year, and with both my kids over summer break. I was able to support my kids with their tricky subjects, reading for one and math for the other, and volunteered in their classrooms. Over the summer we hiked, camped, swam, biked, played video games, read together, and took a road trip to Bend, Oregon.

I also volunteered with my local chapter of Girls Who Code (and let me just say this: they are brilliant!)

SoFi, Murray UT — Software Engineer, Engineering Enablement

September 2020 - December 2022
  • Developed a one-touch tool to bootstrap Gitlab projects with boilerplate application code, observability integrations, build and test workflows, and the Kubernetes delivery pipelines. Saved engineers days of effort when initiating new projects and centralized configuration management across our Gitlab repositories.
  • Enabled a pattern for teams to self service their Argo CD configurations. This eliminated a bottleneck of our team serving as a gatekeeper to deployment changes.
  • Wrote an automated tool to reduce overhead when working with complex sets of Kustomize manifest files. One important feature was the ability to migrate running Kubernetes Deployments to Argo CD Rollouts, paving the way for progressive delivery patterns at SoFi.
  • Defined and implemented SRE golden metrics for services at SoFi leveraging the capabilities of Datadog. This was managed by Terraform and triggered through our GitLab pipelines. Teams could establish and monitor their SLIs/SLOs by incorporating essential observability metrics as baselines.
  • Proactively mentored new and junior team members by providing clear task guidance and promoting strong practices such as Test-Driven Development (TDD) and iterative changes during pairing sessions. Focused on fostering their curiosity, encouraging growth, and ensuring they land in a supportive learning environment on our team.
  • Maintained a Python app that played a crucial role in every deployment pipeline at SoFi. Tasks included validating the commit range, ensuring compliant MR approvals, and validating the Kubernetes manifests and Argo CD configuration. This enabled a policy driven approach for automating what changes were allowed in our ecosystem.-
  • Initiated and led an Employee Resource Group supporting employees with disabilities and/or caregivers. Built a strong community with diverse participation. Responsibilities included meeting with the executive sponsor, organizing agendas, inviting guest speakers, and preparing presentations for town halls to raise awareness.

Utah Interactive, SLC UT — Web Developer

August 2018 - August 2020
  • Collaborated with our project management team and state agencies to identify and implement new features, resolve bugs, and address technical debt across various Utah.gov services. These services included Renewal Express, GovPay, and an embedded shopping cart application.
  • Web services were built with Java 8, Groovy, SpringBoot, Maven and SQL - all apps were MVC architecture.

Self Employed, SLC UT — Stay at Home Mom

May 2016 - August 2018

By day I was a manager, a coach, a teacher, a cook, a housekeeper, on call 24/7 for two tiny humans. By night, I was a student pursuing a computer science degree.

Utah Interactive, SLC UT — Technical Support

August 2014 - May 2016

Provided technical support for over 150 Utah.gov web services via email, chat and telephone. Triaged issues with end users, identified and reported bugs via Jira to the development team. Talking with end users each day helped me to develop a sense for good user experience which is something that I think about before I start writing code - even as a backend developer.


Weber State University — BS in Computer Science

Relevant coursework includes Formal Languages and Algorithms, Data Structures and Algorithms, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture

University of Utah — BS in Sociology

With a focus on race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality

University of Utah — BS in Anthropology

With a focus on women cross culturally and human origins